Understanding Financial Coaching

At Dummitt Financial Coaching, we put the “personal” back into “personal finances”.  We focus on providing affordable and comprehensive financial coaching for everyone.  We are committed to helping everyone get to their financial peace so they can achieve balance, decrease stress and become empowered by their money.  We work with you one-on-one to define, outline and achieve your goals.  Whether you have credit card debt, student loans, challenges with budgeting, saving or investing – We have got you covered!

Talking money can be tough and uncomfortable.  Rest assured, we’ve seen it all and personally worked through it – the good, the bad, the deeply in debt – and nothing phases us.  We’ll teach you how to overcome your biggest financial hurdles with confidence.

We partner with our clients to identify, plan, track and achieve the goals they set forth and support them along the way.  We provide an individualized financial experience for our clients.  When it comes to personal finances, a “one size fits all” approach isn’t going to work!  We are all different and as unique as our personal finances.