We are here to take the anxiety out of developing a plan for your financial future!  

Whether you have a little debt, drowning in debt, make plenty of money or just don't know the most effective way to manage money, Dummitt Financial Coaching is here to help.

Premarital/Newlywed Financial Coaching 

Helps couples learn how to communicate about money, combine finances after marriage, work through their money differences, set common financial goals, save money and purchase insurance. 

Basic Financial Coaching

Helps you plan for emergencies, eliminate debt, establish winning money habits, and set goals for the future.

Crisis Financial Coaching

Helps you address money challenges, deal with collectors, develop a plan to meet your necessities, and find hope for your future.

College Student Financial Coaching 

Helps college students understand how to manage their finances, learn how to budget their money, and learn why they should avoid or eliminate student loans and credit cards.

Wealth Building Financial Coaching

Helps you prepare for retirement, kids’ college, start a business, estate planning, and giving.

Small Business Financial Coaching

Helps you review your current situation, develop a cash flow plan, eliminate debt, and prepare for emergencies.

Separation/Divorce/Death Financial Coaching

Helps you take control of your finances and learn to handle money on your own.